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Find out how much your
Property Worth ?

How Much is My Property Worth ?

If you're looking to sell your home and you're not sure what it is worth, then let us know. We understand the dilemma of not knowing the exact value of your home before selling and can lead to potential wrong deals and losses. The only way to go is a Free Home Market Evaluation. RE/MAX Agents are trained to perform the best evaluation services to determine the right asking price for your property. We undertake comprehensive studies to determine the right selling of your home in the current neighbourhood within the current market trends. Don't get bogged down by recent low pricing as your neighbourhood might offer much better deals. That's why you should ask for a Market Evaluation so we can determine a variety of factors: features, area, rooms, plumbing, electrical, mortgage and more. It's an appraisal and home inspection tied into one.

No One Does it Better than a Local Realtor

Our professionals have experience and expertise to undertake property assessment the right way. Most home owners think they know the right price after comparing a few recent sales. We get you a detailed report that's prepared by an experienced realtor. Not only will we unlock the true price of your home but also guide you on the various realty related processes to make your home selling experience a breeze.