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About Us

Coming from a large family of realtors, we have a strong team behind us working in every area of the GTA. The drive and enthusiasm for real estate is essential along with hard work, honesty and integrity- a common binding factor amongst all family members.
We are in the people business first and foremost followed by the real estate business after. What sets us apart from others is our instant ability to connect with the people on a personal level.
Buying and selling one's home can be a very stressful and over-whelming experience and we take the pride in knowing that our commitment to excellence in service to our clients and being available every step of the way is crucial to ensuring an easy transition from selling to buying.
There is much, much more to selling a home than putting a sale sign on the lawn. And that is where we come in. We work effectively and strategically as a team, to put our expertise and knowledge to work for you. Our commitment is more than a house sold- it is selling your 'home' in the shortest possible time with the most money and the least stress to you .Our unique marketing tools and negotiation skills have earned us several awards but we know how crucial it is not to let success get the better of us. That is why we continually update and perfect our skills.
We not only want to get the job done, we want to create a memory and recreate it over and over again........